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You Can Make Extra Money This Summer As A Garden Helper Avatars
You’ve heard that the idle brain is the devil’s playground. Well, idle hands are products of an idle mind, which helps to promote that theory. So, if you want a change, don’t just sit on your hands. Get out there and do something. The challenge would be to create your own source of income, and for the most part in your own time, you can set your own hours.
Think positive, commit yourself to succeed and you will. So, get ready. Let’s go!
It is a glorious thing to watch seeds and saplings turn into something beautiful and delicious to eat with only a minimum effort. Since where I live, most of us started our new gardens about a month ago, it is important that you start on this project immediately.

1. People can use your help in breaking up the ground, fertilization, planting, landscaping, weeding, pest control and finally, harvesting.

In addition, people take personal pride in the beautification and landscaping of their gardens. You can help them with the landscaping of the surrounding fauna and arrangement of the colorful pebbles or marbles that many like to use in partitioning their garden plots.

2. You can help with pest control in gardens. Most people prefer bio friendly pest control. Therefore, it is to your advantage to research organic and simple pest control substances; like coffee grounds and ashes as good alternatives to potentially harmful chemicals.

3. You can also sell scarecrows. It is very easy to make an effective scarecrow. You are welcome to contact me for instructions at

4. Worms. Real gardeners know their benefits and love worms. However, before you start running around with cans full of them, know that they are fragile creatures. Take orders beforehand so that you can deliver them to your neighbors live and wriggling. Their castings are highly valuable to many gardeners, which makes the price for their safe delivery highly negotiable.

Before you begin, It is best to make a sample flier on the half sheet to pass around your neighborhood or community garden. You can leave it on mailboxes, doorknobs, windshields, community bulletin boards and the like.
Get an idea of what you can negotiate in your area for the certain gardening tasks. Ask enough to make it worth your while to include transportation costs, gloves, possibly goggles, protection from the sun and good water-resistant shoes.
And stop when you are overheated or tired. Just work to your capacity and don’t get upset if you are not able to complete a task. You can always return the next day. Everybody had to learn at one time or another, nor would they have hired you if they didn’t need the help.
Try it. You will gain some extra spending money this summer, knowledge in gardening and a God inspiring experience. In addition, a bonus for your assistance could be a healthy lunch and a tall, cool glass of lemonade.

Comments & add-ins to extra money as a garden helper welcome.

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When we were young kids, my uncle could always find worms for his fishing trips. He would choose a spot outback in dark, moist, acrid- smelling soil. First, he pounded that area with his shovel, then drove a tree branch into the ground and pounded the area again.
It would be late the previous evening before his early morning fishing trip and I was very young, so I don’t quite remember exactly how long we had to wait for his worming technology to work. However, I remember the repulsive delight- that it worked everytime! He would pull up worms in all shapes and sizes by the shovelsful, into his bucket. He told us the worms came up to the surface because the pounding vibration made them think it was a thunderstorm. And they didn’t want to drown!
Worms are everywhere naturally, even in some of our bodies according to “Animal Planet”. However, the ones we want prefer rich topsoil, preferably fertilized with manure or compost. They turn dirt into soil and compost waste. Earthworms help to break down organic waste forms in your gardens life cycle. Their casting provide rich nutrients for our plants and vegetables while they wriggle around and open the roots. They are excellent necessary assets for your garden.
If you think your garden can use some worms and you are not able to accomplish my uncle’s worming technology, or you don’t know of such a place with dark natural mulch; You just might want to learn the great benefits and ease of maintaining your own natural worm garden....

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